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Summer Event ideas for the Quad Cities?

March 11, 2012

Looking for something to try and pull off this summer, open to suggestions.

What I was kind of thinking off the top of my head – My buddy Nick runs a local charity that donates bikes to needy kids in and around the midwest. He rounded up 12 or 13 last year and after much hullabaloo and me talking to the guys at 4 state trucks finally got them taken down to some needy kids in Joplin Missouri after the big tornadoes down there last year.

Some are just plain jane off the shelf bikes you get from Target or Wal Mart, but some are genuine full on BMX racing bikes for kids that would like to get into BMX racing but due to financial circumstance, just can’t do it. Nick and a bunch of concerned BMX’ers and people just like you make it possible. Whether it’s building some super rad bike for a needy kid, or a show bike he can sell to get more money for the program, he’s always working on some 2 wheel monsters.

Nick and some other local guy named Rick Moliterno (maybe you’ve heard of him?)  are putting on a BMX festival right here in Davenport this May at the skate park. Because they’re crazy, the whole shindig is gonna be free. Donations accepted, but seriously it’s free to go check this thing out.

I’d definitely like to see you guys attend, but what can we the Mobbits do to make this thing better? If you’ve got the time, go, if you don’t – share the event on your facebook wall (timeline) and let other people know about it. Maybe if we get enough people to show up and give Nick some scratch, he’ll build a super sweet Tot Mob bike for some lucky kid…


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