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Good weather giving

May 11, 2012

It’s a beautiful friday morning, and I stumbled upon this little request for some charitable giving.

It’s got a 50/50 match, it’s an awesome idea to cut down on waste, and the school is semi-local.

The thing I like about is that they work hard to make sure everything is on the up and up. They place the order and verify the delivery, they verify the teacher is indeed a teacher, you can feel confident in whatever amount you donate really goes to help kids in a real classroom. Sortable by State, County, City, you name it.

If you don’t like this one, dig around a bit, I guarantee you’ll find one that you want to donate to. Then get 5 of your friends to donate as well, That’s how we roll. did some digging and found that if you use offer code MORNINGJOE when you check out Starbucks/MSNBC matches your donation. Finished that off for a whopping $9.76! Some kids in NC are going to have a cozy place to sit and read and I dig that!

  1. Mrs. Sibbing permalink

    I am the teacher whose classroom project is reduce, reuse, erase! Thanks for the donations and for posting a link to our donation page!!!! Awesome!!! What exactly is TOT-MOB?

  2. Largely, its me, lol. is the why I do what I do, but the goal is just to motivate people, to show that you can really make a difference in a kids life for a dollar. Sometimes with no money at all. Too many kids out there that would shine if you just gave them the chance to knock off the dirt, just hoping we can make an opportunity for more kids to shine. A $50 dollar donation from 1 person spends the same way as a $1 dollar donation from 50 people.

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