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Bridging the gap.

June 3, 2012

I must preface this with the statement that the Quad City area is behind the times. On a lot of things. One of which is any sort of charitable giving or philanthropy. You have the same companies being asked for funds from the same Org’s every year, running the same fundraiser’s that they were 10 years ago. That’s not a terrible thing from a marketing standpoint, people know the event, what its for, and know someone who runs Race for the Cure or does Birdies for Charity, and might even feel compelled to donate because of it. Problem being, between the ages of 18-35 unless that person has previously been involved with some sort of charity or event, they couldn’t be less engaged.

Which leaves us this – A startup org, that’s going to be looking for funding. How do we bring that age group into play by either making it trendy or giving some sort of reward. Donor’s love to be rewarded. Mentioned. Thanked. Feel like they made a difference with little to no actual involvement or investment but some money.

How do we show John or Jane – Small Business Owner that we can do just as much with the $100 they can afford to spare, that the United Way can do with $500,000. We lie through our teeth. Ok, not really, but it’s pretty simple to thank these folks for the work that they do. The internet is amazing, especially in the blog word. I can thank someone for a donation right now and it’ll make its way to Google in less than a day. If you follow the underlying infrastructure of the internet and how important popularity is, THAT’S HUGE.

For individual donor’s the same principal applies, social media in it’s many many forms allows us contact with countless numbers of people. Calling people out and thanking them is an absolute must, but now it isn’t a Thank You card in the mail, it’s thanking them publicly – potentially in front of millions of people. But that honestly isn’t going to get anyone involved that isn’t already. So we’re left with finding different fundraising opportunities. Things more 20 something oriented. Events that are fun, so that while maintaining the “fun” that’s required to pique the interest of the age group. It still ends up being a charitable event.

Locals we’d love to hear ideas from you, not-so-locals what’s going on in your area? Whats the most memorable event you’ve been to?


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