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June 21, 2012

I’ve been rounding up some people that I trust, admire, and in general think highly of to help out with this little project / ball of madness.

I’ve been looking for people to help write articles – so far I’ve got one recruited but we’re working on her internet skills.  She was my counselor when I was a kid, I made her professional life a nightmare for an hour a week for several years, so she can at least use this opportunity to get back at me.

Next up – I’ve got a new general partner in crime in Dee. She’s not quite sure what to write about yet, and keeps mumbling things about thesis work, but she is around. I like that Dee in general doesn’t take no for an answer, is smart and knows how to use it, and comes from a similar past. She is in my opinion the best first addition to the eventual “board” that we will have to have, and pretty like minded in wanting to change the world for kids that can’t help themselves.

There are still a few more key figures that we’ll have to round up, but for now we’re good. We continue to plug away on the becoming a legitimate “NPO” front, and have decided that is pretty much the best route. For now we’ll continue to rally support for existing causes, and plan out our model for helping kids that need our, and YOUR help.


Thanks Guys and Gals,





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