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How do I host a Mob?

The idea is pretty simple, and actually doesn’t take much investment outside of time and maybe a little bit of money.


1. Choose your charity. There are thousands of children’s charities out there. We post up ones that we like as we find them, so take a look around. If you find one in your area you’re unsure of check them out on they may not be listed yet, so keep that in mind.  New NPO’s are founded everyday.


2. You’ve got the charity you wish to help out, now what? Get people involved! You’ve got friends, classmates, co-workers, right? Tell them about the awesome cause that you want to help, set a goal, and ask them to get involved. You’re absolutely welcome to check our facebook page for real time help in setting up your mob, and we want to hear about it anyway, so please do! Talk to your boss or teacher/instructor about getting involved so that your co-workers and classmates can really own the project.


3. Set a date to make the help happen. If you give people a specific time to help, more people will show up / donate. They want to be involved, being a part of a team makes it that much more exciting. If you’re hosting a fundraiser, this works perfectly. If you’re making a monetary donation to an internet based charity, talk to the people that host the charity. If they know that you intend to donate to them that day, they will publicly thank you for it 9 times out of 10. Many charities have built in team donation drives where you can track your donations / and share them with people you would like to know about the awesome work you’ve done.


4. Keep in mind that not everyone will show up or want to help, don’t get discouraged. The first Tot Mob had almost 100 rsvp’ed guests, only about 20 actually showed up. We still rocked the house! Last year we donated a little over 1% of the toys that went to local kids in the Quad Cities (IA,IL) area, just by asking people to do it. It was awesome, and the feeling of accomplishment afterwards lasted til, well it’s still going now!


5. Share your progress with us! We like to know what worked for you, what didn’t, and how you think you would change things if you do it again. We’re all learning here. Take pictures, have themed parties, whatever, while a serious cause, you’d be surprised how fun this is.

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