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Our Vision / Battle Plan

Our vision for tomorrow is one of a level playing field for today’s seemingly forgotten youth.

Plan –

To enhance current and add new programs designed to level the playing field for area youth. Peer Funding for Educational and Municipal projects, Toy Drives, and encouraging a more modern style of fundraising are all things that we’ve done. The Quad Cities (Eastern Iowa/ Western Illinois) is behind the times on these issues, we intend to fix that. We’re giving change a face.

Odds are that where ever you live could use a little bit of change too. I try to catalog what has worked for us, and what hasn’t, and you’re more than welcome to try it out. In fact we’d love it if you did, just remember to share it with us! We like seeing change at the hand of common people.

One Comment
  1. Megan Black permalink

    Thank you for donating to my project, “A Christmas Play,” on It means the world to me that you believe my kids can succeed too with the proper materials.

    Mrs. Black

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